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Step by step, each level is important!


Introductory level: Complete beginner. The individual can understand and use very basic, familiar, and everyday expressions aimed at fulfilling concrete needs.


Threshold level: The individual can understand the essential points expressed in clear and standard language, which involves familiar topics related to work, school, leisure, etc.


Intermediate level: Beginner. The individual can understand isolated sentences and frequently used expressions related to immediate areas of priority.


Advanced level: The person can understand the essential content of concrete or abstract subjects in a complex text, including a technical discussion in his specialty.

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To work or study in Germany, you must master the German language (the language of Goethe) and assess your language proficiency level. The CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) has been in existence since its official launch in 2001, encompassing various European languages. This framework defines six different language proficiency levels, and there are equivalents in similar diplomas. To succeed in your project in Germany, you must first understand the required level and then take a test to evaluate your current level of German.

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Our experts at our center in Egypt will be dedicated to helping you progress until you are perfectly comfortable both in written communication and in conversation with any Germans you encounter along the way.

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